Monthly Archives: May 2014

Doors Opening for Future Eyeglasses Outreaches

eyeglassesWe're excited about a door that God may be opening for our ministry to help facilitate and distribute new eyeglasses to some of the poorest rural communities of Guatemala. There is an ever growing huge need in under privileged areas for eyesight correction, but lots of families aren't financially able to do anything about it. We have the opportunity to join alongside a local ophthalmologist and university ophthalmology students to help meet this need in a might way! Each villager would...
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Elementary Soccer Camp

Elem Soccer CampFor the past two weeks, I have had the privilege of serving at Christian Academy of Guatemala (CAG) at the Elementary Soccer Camp. Our daughter attends the school and the director asked me to help organize the event. So the camp was held after school on three days for each of the last two weeks. Two other parents and myself were able to show the love of Jesus to the children who attended from kindergarten through fifth...
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