A Son’s Desperate Plea on His Mother’s Behalf

Last week, we received a call from a deep woods village a couple hours by car from San Pedro Carchá, Alta Verapaz. A son was calling for his Q’eqchi speaking mother and his voice was so desperate that it touched my heart and we began to try and help.


Elvira has given birth to ten children and the lack of medical care in her region had led to some urgent feminine problems. We made some calls to the local hospital officials and then had the family begin their long trek to Guatemala City. In oder to leave their community, they travel in the back of huge cattle trucks for two hours and then the rest of the trip is made by changing buses several times.


Once Elvira made it to the hospital on Monday afternoon, she was admitted into the emergency maternity unit where she’s been receiving treatment ever since. In speaking with the doctor yesterday, he said that she will be reevaluated on Friday for a subsequent surgery. Please pray for Elvira and for the medical staff to be able to provide for her the proper medical care she needs. The family also was given a Bible and encouragement to lean on God during this crisis.



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