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A Perfect Fit, Times Two!!

On Saturday October 17, 2015, Catherine and I were invited to be part of a TEAMworks missions team in the remote village of Santo Domingo Los Ocotes.  The team was made up of therapists who specialize in working with special needs kids. They brought all kinds of specialty therapy tools designed to assist each patient's care giver in caring for them and improving their quality of life. However, they didn't bring any wheelchairs for this village because they were only able to bring them for specific people that they had...
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A Son’s Desperate Plea on His Mother’s Behalf

Last week, we received a call from a deep woods village a couple hours by car from San Pedro Carch√°, Alta Verapaz. A son was calling for his Q'eqchi speaking mother and his voice was so desperate that it touched my heart and we began to try and help. image Elvira has given birth to ten children and the lack of medical care in her region had led to some urgent feminine problems. We made some calls to the local hospital officials and...
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Surgical Relief for Rosmin

image On Sunday afternoon, we received a call from a desperate eighteen year old mother in the Chisec area of Alta Verapaz. Apparently, three year old Rosmin had been battling with a large liver stone for some time. Since they live so far away from a higher level of medical care, they had run all the tests and were given empty promises that were never fulfilled. At 2:00am Monday morning Rosmin and her grandparents boarded their first bus headed to Guatemala City. We...
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Read This BEFORE Bringing Medical Teams/Medicine into Guatemalan Airport

medicine_blogFor many years, medical teams have come to Guatemala and other Central American Countries to give free medical consults and medicine to under privileged villagers who can't afford it. For years, the standard procedure was to trade in Samsonite suitcases for plastic tubs and to fill them up with medicine and check them as baggage. Then upon arrival to Aurora International airport in Guatemala City, the tubs were offloaded onto an awaiting vehicle and then to whatever town where a medical outreach...
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Doors Opening for Future Eyeglasses Outreaches

eyeglassesWe're excited about a door that God may be opening for our ministry to help facilitate and distribute new eyeglasses to some of the poorest rural communities of Guatemala. There is an ever growing huge need in under privileged areas for eyesight correction, but lots of families aren't financially able to do anything about it. We have the opportunity to join alongside a local ophthalmologist and university ophthalmology students to help meet this need in a might way! Each villager would...
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Serving More Cleft Families

Yesterday, I had the privilege to attend a followup session for cleft lip and cleft palate patients with our friends from Clinica Dental Familiar. Their office is here in Guatemala City but families travel from all over Guatemala to come for the free consult to adjust their child's obturator and receive instruction from the staff. I knew that the family of the newborn baby had their appointment later in the morning, but I felt led to be there during the entire session. After being there for...
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Encouraging a Newborn Cleft Baby’s Family

blog3-22-14This week I received a call from a father of a 12 day old baby boy, who was born with both cleft lip and cleft palate. Immediately, I contacted my friend Oseas from Dental Familiar, a dental clinic in Guatemala City that specializes in pediatric dentistry and has tons of experience with pre and post surgical care for cleft children. The family was given an appointment the very next morning and when I met them it was...

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What happens when a team comes to Guatemala

I spoke to the Missionary on the phone recently and learned more of the details that happen before and during a team. Many of the places that they visit and work with when the team travels to Guatemala are not near his home city. The advantage of where he lives is that he can get many of the details for the teams travel processed but he is not near the villages that he is helping now. He goes to the needs of the area. The team that he was helping with...
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Solar Panel Inquiry

20130613-062721 We are checking on the possibility of doing a future solar panel outreach in a rural village that doesn't have electricity here in Guatemala. The idea is to provide low voltage lighting in homes that have never had electricity. Our question is, do any of our friends know where to find solar panels for donations or possibly at a reduced price? We would love to hear from you and have your feedback about this idea. Read more