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Serving More Cleft Families

Yesterday, I had the privilege to attend a followup session for cleft lip and cleft palate patients with our friends from Clinica Dental Familiar. Their office is here in Guatemala City but families travel from all over Guatemala to come for the free consult to adjust their child's obturator and receive instruction from the staff. I knew that the family of the newborn baby had their appointment later in the morning, but I felt led to be there during the entire session. After being there for...
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Encouraging a Newborn Cleft Baby’s Family

blog3-22-14This week I received a call from a father of a 12 day old baby boy, who was born with both cleft lip and cleft palate. Immediately, I contacted my friend Oseas from Dental Familiar, a dental clinic in Guatemala City that specializes in pediatric dentistry and has tons of experience with pre and post surgical care for cleft children. The family was given an appointment the very next morning and when I met them it was...

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