Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

Q. Is Guatemala safe?
A. Guatemala can be safe if you follow the instructions of the missionary. Our missionary will educate you on the do’s & don’ts of Guatemala while you are there. There is always a level of risk when visiting a foreign country.

Q. Is the water safe?
A. The drinking water in Guatemala is NOT safe to drink. Our missionary in Guatemala will provide for you plenty of bottled drinking water. You will also need to use this water when brushing your teeth. Also while in the shower, please refrain from allowing water from the shower to enter into your mouth.

Q. Is medical care available?
A. Yes, and it is safe. As a family the Rice’s visit with the Guatemala clinic for services and will lead you to the one that they use and they trust.

Q. What if a family member needs to contact me?
A. Your family members can contact you in the event of an emergency by calling our missionary, Steven Rice, Jr. directly. You will be given his home and cell phone numbers before your trip.

Q. Can I call home?
A. You will be able to make phone calls home thru out your stay. The purpose of your phone call should be limited to informing loved ones of what God has been doing, testimonies and short “up to date” information. Please be respectful of our missionary’s cell phone and limit your time spent on the phone to 5 – 10 minutes.

Q. Will I have access to the Internet?
A. There is limited Internet access during your free time. We ask that you use your time on the Internet wisely and please refrain from doing any work related to your job. We want you to be saturated in service for Jesus.

Q. How much spending money do I need?
A. One day during your time here in Guatemala will be set aside for sightseeing and souvenir shopping. $150.00 would be a sufficient amount for any extra snacks, sodas, batteries, and emergency purchases along with a few authentic Guatemalan items for yourself and someone special back home.

Q. Will I be able to do laundry?
A. You will NOT be able to do laundry while on your mission trip. Please make sure you pack enough clothing to get you through your entire time here in Guatemala. If you need to do laundry, you can do small hand washing in the sink of your hotel room. You will need to bring your own detergent, hanging line and clothes pins.

Q. Is there any free time?
A. Your team will have an opportunity each day during your trip to dedicate to team devotions. Also, you can use any down time for reflective prayer or use it to get some much needed rest.

Q. Can I bring items to give away? (such as candy, toys, clothes, money)
A. From time to time our mission teams love to bring treats and much needed supplies to the people of Guatemala. And though we appreciate your generosity we have found in the past that when teams bring items from the States it actually can deter the purpose of our mission, which is to share Jesus Christ. If you would like to bring items to the people whether it’s candy or toys for the children or clothing or money needed by the church, IHSIM would joyfully accept your donation and see that a local Guatemalan church finds the greatest need and distributes the items when the need arises.

Q. Are there standard wall outlets at the hotel?
A. Yes, at the Hotel where you will be staying as well as at Steven’s home.