Raising Funds for your Trip

Funding your trip to Guatemala doesn’t have to be a roadblock. There are many benefits to raising funds for your trip; it can be a way that God challenges you to be held accountable in your ministry. Raising funds can be a humbling experience, a sacrifice on your part; it can be a great way that you witness to the people in your life. And raising funds allows your friends and family to partner with you.

Tips for raising funds:

Contact friends and family thru e-mail, phone calls or send them a letter (Fundraiser Sample Letter link) asking for prayer and financial support.
Contact the Pastor of your church and/or the church you attended while growing up.
Make announcements at your church seeking prayer support and making them aware of what God is doing.
Bake sales, Yard sales, car washes, etc. Click the Fundraiser Insight link for more fun and unique ways to raise funds for your trip.