The word “outreach” is defined as the provision of information or services to groups in a society who might otherwise be neglected. In our case, the neglected group changes according to the type of outreach that we are doing on a given day. For example when we are involved with a humanitarian outreach, the neglected group could be people who have some type of physical impairment and when we are doing an extreme sports outreach, the neglected group could be at-risk kids who are children of a single mother with no job. Our twist on this, is that we use the popularity of each outreach activity to attract non-believers so that they get a chance to hear the Gospel message of Christ. Then, we connect them with a local church so that they will have an opportunity to continue the relationship and learn how to follow Jesus on a daily basis. Below is a list of the different styles of outreach that we have been involved with here in Guatemala. If you would like more information about how you or your church could bring a short-term mission’s team here to help in one of these areas, send us an email.