Surgical Relief for Rosmin


On Sunday afternoon, we received a call from a desperate eighteen year old mother in the Chisec area of Alta Verapaz. Apparently, three year old Rosmin had been battling with a large liver stone for some time. Since they live so far away from a higher level of medical care, they had run all the tests and were given empty promises that were never fulfilled.

At 2:00am Monday morning Rosmin and her grandparents boarded their first bus headed to Guatemala City. We picked them up at the bus terminal, made some phone calls to head physicians at a local hospital and carried her to the pediatric emergency unit. On Wednesday morning she had a successful surgery to remove the stone and is now resting in her hospital bed. She will likely remain in the hospital for a few days for observation before being released.

As part of our care for each family we assist with a medical or social crisis, we give them a Bible and encourage them letting them know that God loves them very much. We are thankful to God for his watchful eye over Rosmin and her family during this trying ordeal.



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