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Christian Academy of Guatemala CAG – Revelations TV Episode

For two years now, our daughter has been blessed to attend a Christ centered school here in Guatemala that was established forty years ago to educate missionary kids (MK's). The unique thing about CAG is that the teachers are voluntary full-time missionaries, themselves. So they see their students as the mission field and genuinely love them and help them grow as people. Our ministry is partnering with Christian Academy of Guatemala to help find more volunteer teachers who are called to come and serve these awesome children in Guatemala. Below...
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Elementary Soccer Camp

Elem Soccer CampFor the past two weeks, I have had the privilege of serving at Christian Academy of Guatemala (CAG) at the Elementary Soccer Camp. Our daughter attends the school and the director asked me to help organize the event. So the camp was held after school on three days for each of the last two weeks. Two other parents and myself were able to show the love of Jesus to the children who attended from kindergarten through fifth...
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