What happens when a team comes to Guatemala

I spoke to the Missionary on the phone recently and learned more of the details that happen before and during a team.

Many of the places that they visit and work with when the team travels to Guatemala are not near his home city. The advantage of where he lives is that he can get many of the details for the teams travel processed but he is not near the villages that he is helping now. He goes to the needs of the area. The team that he was helping with in November traveled about 4 hours away from the capital city.

The team helped the area with two water projects. This is created by using making a chlorinator (large tank to purify water). The chlorinator uses table salt to run through and make unsafe water potable. The resident can then take a pool kit to test water. This system can do numerous gallons per day – HUGE AMOUNTS!! Water is now in classrooms to fill water bottles, to use for lunches, to take home, for others in community to come and use the water for a low price. These funds acquired will then be used to support project.

Team members not on installation were able to build relationships with kids at the school. They gave 12 dry erase boards to the school. These were classroom size. They were installed while part of the team worked on water project. Second school needed new electrical wiring. Team provided supplies to rewire school.

Ministry is integrated into all of these projects. Even though it is not a Christian school when people come to help they are able to talk about their faith and beliefs. Ministry goes on all the time! The kids learned Bible School songs from the team members. Fun was had on both sides as the kids parroted their new friends. The love of Jesus was able to shine many times during the team’s visit. A woman and her daughter were a part of this team just to be able to share Bible verses and the story of Jesus with the kids. Evangelism goes hand in hand with good hygiene and pure water.  The team also did outdoor games like parachute.

The second school is called Sal Mar. prayer request – – both schools had a formal “inauguration” presentation and moment of appreciation. But the second school had a different theme. The moral of the story didn’t seem to fit in a kids environment. One being that there are no true friends that you can trust. Please pray for the environment and learning style that these children are being taught. It just didn’t have a “happy and loving” feeling. It was very morbid and dark feeling.

The day the team left Steven has had to start planning for the next surgery team to arrive. Plans must be made in Nov because many businesses including doctor’s office and hospital workers. are not available in December or the first of January. The surgery team is scheduled to arrive the beg of Feb. Due to the logistics involved and trying to track down the right person, it took an entire week to make hotel arrangements for the end of the teams travel since the team ends at Valentine’s weekend! (This is also a tourist time in the area.)

Praise that vehicles are all working well and able to find help that is trustworthy when working on them. Prayer for all logistics to work on time. Baggage arrival, flights to arrive on time. Screening team leaves to go home just as 32 team members are due to arrive. Bus will be waiting – it is chartered for the travel.  There is so much that has to happen during a team’s visit and before they come that we don’t realize. They are traveling all over and don’t have the luxury of the “modern” conveniences that we do. Trying to reach a person often means that you have to go and see them. You can’t call or write or even email. The may have a cell phone but not a land line or office number and face to face is the most effective means for business use.



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